Benefits of Digital Signage in Churches

A digital sigange display prominently visbile in a church Use cases

Christianity and churches have stayed relevant for hundreds of years. But, whether it is by replacing the church organ with more practical instruments or whether it is by inventing the Pope-mobile, they have never shied away from embracing modernity. One such modern change that is being adopted across the globe is digital signage for churches. Let’s take a quick look at how digital signage for churches is benefiting the churches, the congregations and the communities:

  1. Attract Attention and Attract New Visitors: Unlike traditional signages, digital signage can’t help but attract attention due to the ever-changing visuals on the screen. This can be of great use when the digital signage is placed outside the church and is intended to attract new visitors. By first catching their attention, and then by showcasing an appealing invitation to them, digital signage for churches can help attract new visitors. 
  2. Enhance the Worship Experience: Using digital signages in churches can enhance the overall worshipping experience. Imagine having relevant imagery from say classical paintings, being showcased on the digital signage during a sermon. It would no doubt help in engaging the audience, capturing their imagination and delivering a powerful message. Alternatively, specific bible verses can be showcased on the digital signage during the worship service to drive the message across more effectively. There are many ways in which digital signage can be innovatively used for worship. 
  3. Community Engagement: Digital Signage in churches can be very effective tools to foster a sense of community. They can be used to display various visuals of events, visiting priests, support staff appreciation, birthday celebrations and much more to create a sense of social connectedness within the community. Successes and milestones within the community can easily be shared and enjoyed by all through digital signages, while deaths of parishoners can also be mourned by all present. 
  4. Increase Participation – Bulletin Board & Recognition Display: Digital signage in churches can easily take over the role of the bulletin boards. They can be used to effectively showcase the church calendar – service dates and times, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, other church events- and increase participation in these events. Similarly, it can also be used as a Recognition Display to showcase and appreciate the people who contribute to the church funds or church activities. This will also help in increasing donations to the church and participation in its activities. 
  5. Reduce Costs and Increase Return on Investment (ROI): A church has a lot of different communication requirements. Whether it is posters for community events or fliers for fundraisers, a church ends up spending a lot of time, effort, and money in creating traditional signages and means of communication. Digital signages for churches may require a small upfront investment in a smart TV and a subscription and a SaaS provider for digital signage content, but in the long run these costs end up paying for themselves and generating a high return on investment. 

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