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Liqvid took part in the Coffee Fest in LA!
In late August we took part in the Coffee Fest in Los Angeles. During the three days of the festival, we got acquainted with a bunch of interesting businesses
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How Digital Signage is Transforming Public Spaces
Public spaces are spaces that are open and accessible to people. From city streets and public squares to pavements and parks, from places of amusement
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Digital Signage for Libraries
One innovative way to modernise a library is by making use of digital signage for libraries. One of the biggest advantages of digital signage for libraries
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Set up a Digital Menu for your Cafe
Setting up a digital menu for your cafe can be the simplest way to enhance the experience of your customers as well as increase your sales and profits. 
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Top 3 Best Practices for Digital Signage
If you are thinking of using digital signage for your business, first of all- congratulations! Digital signages are a very effective method of communicating
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A digital signage display in a grocry store aisle showcasing products available in that sectionUse cases
Benefits of Digital Signage in a Grocery Store
Promotional Offers: One of the biggest benefits of digital signage in a grocery store is that it can be used to draw attention to your sales and promotions.
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A digital sigange display prominently visbile in a churchUse cases
Benefits of Digital Signage in Churches
Christianity and churches have stayed relevant for hundreds of years. But, whether it is by replacing the church organ with more practical instruments
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A barista standing behind a coffee machine under a digital menu boardUse cases
Reasons to have Digital Signage in your Coffee Shop
Digital Signage can be a great addition to your Coffee Shop. On one hand, it can enhance your customer’s experience and on the other, it can increase your sales.
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A digital signage display in the passageway of a shopping mallUse cases
Top 5 Uses of Digital Signage in a Shopping Mall
Shopping malls offer a very distinct shopping experience. And the introduction of digital signage has only served to make this experience more immersive
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A digital signage system in the passageway of a hospital with two doctors walking besides itUse cases
Benefits of Digital Signage Systems in Hospitals
Hospitals are the epitome of busy, bustling and stressful environments. Patients arrive in pain and discomfort, visitors tend to be stressed and anxious
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