Digital Signage for Libraries

Use cases

One innovative way to modernise a library is by making use of digital signage for libraries. One of the biggest advantages of digital signage for libraries is that they are extremely eye-catching while traditional signs and posters tend to become part of the landscape, ending up losing their main purpose. There are 3 main uses for digital signage for libraries. Here they are:

  1. Wayfinding Signage: Wayfinding signages help orient patrons when they enter a new space. These signs tell them where they are and how to get to where they want to be. In libraries, these signages can point out where the different sections of the library are. Additionally, they can also direct users to specific library areas like study rooms, A/V rooms, media centres, etc. By being lit and eye-catching, they can grab the attention of the patrons as soon as they enter the library and help them be on their way to their destination quickly and easily. 
  2. Informational Signage: These signages are used to provide basic and general information regarding the library. These digital signages for libraries can be used to inform visitors about library timings, various library services, working hours of the library staff and more. These can also be used to provide information about and promote upcoming events at the library, hence increasing participation. 
  3. Regulatory Signage: These signages are used to provide key information about the rules and regulations of the library. These are used to enforce rules and provide instructions as well as warnings with regards to the proper use of the library, its facilities and its services. These types of digital signages for libraries help in maintaining the sanctity of the library, while keeping its community and members safe. That is why it is important that they be clearly visible and legible as well as capable of attracting the attention of all visitors to the library. 

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