Set up a Digital Menu for your Cafe

Use cases

Setting up a digital menu for your cafe can be the simplest way to enhance the experience of your customers as well as increase your sales and profits. 

So, what exactly is a Digital Menu?

A digital menu is an electronic menu on a digital display screen. It is typically mounted on the wall or it is placed prominently on the counter where it can be read from afar by customers who are approaching the counter to place an order. 

Digital signage, as such, can be used in multiple different ways in a cafe- read here to find out more – but the single most important use of digital signage is for the menu. Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. It makes reading the menu easier. Compare the experience of reading a digital menu vs. reading a menu written out on a chalkboard or a whiteboard. The digital menu tends to be clearer and far more legible. 
  2. Digital menus offer greater versatility than traditional menu cards. Making changes on a digital menu is extremely simple compared to getting a menu card reprinted and re-laminated. 
  3. Digital menus don’t have the problem of spreading germs from one person to another that happens when multiple people use the same menu, which is critical in these days of ongoing pandemic. 
  4. It is less problematic than scanning a QR code and opening a menu on the customer’s phone. QR codes take more time and effort than simply reading a digital menu off the wall. 
  5. A well-positioned digital menu offers the customer a chance to browse the items for sale and make up their mind about their order even before they approach the counter to place their order. This makes it quicker for the customer to place their order, resulting in less waiting time for others, and an overall better experience for everyone. 

Setting up your Digital Menu with Liqvid

It is extremely easy to set up your digital menu, if you are using Liqvid. All you have to do is:

  1. Switch on your TV/display and connect it to the internet
  2. Open Google Play and Install Liqvid 
  3. Access/Create your account on Liqvid. 
  4. Browse various templates of digital menus that are available in the free Content Advisor. 
  5. Choose one that represents your brand the best and add your content, i.e. your items and prices to it. 
  6. Hit Publish and you are ready to display your brand new Digital Menu on your display/TV. 

It is that easy to set up your digital menu when you are using an easy-to-use service like Liqvid. Try it now for free! 

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