Benefits of Digital Signage in a Grocery Store

A digital signage display in a grocry store aisle showcasing products available in that section Use cases
  1. Promotional Offers: One of the biggest benefits of digital signage in a grocery store is that it can be used to draw attention to your sales and promotions. Now, you can easily announce a sale without having to worry about designing and printing posters for it beforehand. If you have products that are about to expire, you can set up an impromptu sale that will not only help avoid wastage, but also turn a profit for you. 
  2. Showcase New and Specialty Items: Specialty products have been seeing the highest growth in sales in recent years. If you have new and specialty products like artisanal cheeses, plant-based options, fermented products, freshly baked goods, etc. a digital signage in your grocery store can be effectively used to call attention to these products in an attractive way and increase their sales. 
  3. Showcase High Margin Products: Similar to specialty products, showcasing high margin products in a visually appealing manner can easily get more attention to them and in turn increase their sales. Selling a large number of high margin products can have a great positive impact on your bottom line. 
  4. Checkout Line Display: Digital signage in a grocery store checkout line area serves an important purpose of encouraging impulse purchases amongst shoppers. When a shopper is standing in a checkout line, they tend to be looking around and are most likely to get attracted by the moving display on a digital signage. This is a great opportunity to create a desire to make an impulse purchase amongst items that are easily within reach.
  5. Loyalty Programs: Digital signage in a grocery store also offers a great opportunity to generate ongoing business by promoting an in-store loyalty program. It can feature all the benefits of the program, inspiring customers to join and be more likely to return to your store to make use of these loyalty program benefits. 
  6. Reduce Costs and Increase Return on Investment: On an annual basis, a grocery store incurs substantial costs for designing, printing, delivering and setting up posters announcing sales, new products launches, loyalty programs, and more. Replacing traditional signages with digital signage can have a huge impact on your bottom line in the long run, even if there is a small upfront cost in terms of acquiring smart TVs and a subscription-based SaaS provider. 
  7. Create a Revenue Stream with Ads: Setting up digital signage in your grocery store allows you to generate additional revenue by selling ad space to different brands whose products are on sale in your store or to local businesses who would like to get some exposure amongst their target audience. By just showing a few minutes of ads throughout the day, interspersed with your own messages and entertainment, can make a large difference to your overall profitability. 


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