Top 5 Uses of Digital Signage in a Shopping Mall

A digital signage display in the passageway of a shopping mall Use cases

Shopping malls offer a very distinct shopping experience. And the introduction of digital signage has only served to make this experience more immersive, interesting and enjoyable. Let’s take a quick look at how shopping malls are making effective use of digital signage systems.

  1. Wayfinding: It can be very easy to lose one’s way in a mall. It is filled with attractive display windows of various stores and it is easy for shoppers to get distracted by them and lose their way. On the other hand, in malls that are large and sprawling, it is easy to completely lose one’s sense of direction. At such times, it can be a huge relief to see an easy-to-find digital signage that shows the floors, store numbers and provides directions to various locations that are nearby. This can help shoppers decide where they are and where they want to go next. 
  2. Real-Time Sales and Discounts: One of the most popular uses of digital signage is to provide real time information about available sales and discounts in the stores in the shopping mall. If a store decides to have an impromptu sale of unsold items, all they need to do is have the digital signages in the mall announce this sale. Gone are the days when a sale had to be planned in advance and intimidation of the sale had to be published in popular newspapers and magazines. It also gives a huge advantage to shoppers who can benefit from an impromptu sale while they are in the mall. 
  3. Restaurants and Cafes Advertisements: Similar to retail stores, restaurants and cafes can also use shopping mall digital signage systems to announce their deals, discounts, combos and more. This is a great way to invite shoppers to take a break and have a bite to eat. One additional advantage that mall digital signage offers is that they can ensure that the customers are aware of what options are available before they even step into the eatery. This ensures that the time they take to decide and place their order is shortened and this helps in streamlining the experience of all customers, especially during rush hours. 
  4. Health and Safety Measures: During these pandemic times, it is important to remind shoppers to maintain social distancing, sanitise their hands regularly and wear masks at all times. Even before the pandemic, it was important to let shoppers know where to go, and not go, in case of an emergency- like a fire. Other advisories included not roller-skating or riding a bike in the mall, for instance. Such health and safety signs have been an intrinsic part of the mall since their inception. Digital signage systems in the mall help to make sure that these signs are found and consumed by the shoppers in a non-intrusive way, by blending them into the overall immersive experience. 
  5. Provide Entertainment: Of course, digital signage systems cannot have announcements, offers, health and safety signs, etc. on display at all times. That would be a very jarring experience and shoppers would quickly learn to ignore them. These messages need to be interspersed with entertainment like local shows, youtube videos, sports, news, etc. This helps in creating an entertaining and enjoyable experience for shoppers in the mall, especially when they take a break, or while they wait for their companions to finish their browsing/shopping.

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