How to Use Digital Signage Solutions in Schools & Colleges

Digital signage in the corridor of a school or college showcasing a special event being held in the main hall on the next day Use cases

The place for digital signage solutions is not just in customer-centric environments like malls, restaurants, shops, etc. As surprising as it may sound, digital signage displays can be put to great use in institutions like schools and colleges. But what use could they be in such situations? Here are some quick examples of how digital signage can add to the experience of both students and staff as well as to the culture. 

Noticeboard using Digital Signage Solutions

There used to be a time when announcements were made at assemblies that students were obliged to attend each morning. Then came the time of PA systems that were both annoying and intrusive. Now, most announcements are made through emails. But there is no guarantee that the recipients are seeing them, that too in a timely manner. Prominently placed digital signage displays in the campus can solve that problem for you and ensure that your announcements are transmitted to your students and staff in an attractive, eye-catching way, in a manner that is time-sensitive. So whether you want to announce Mask Mandates or Field Trip Day, the easiest way to get the message across to your students could be digital signage systems. 

Highlights Reel

Want your student body to take pride in their school or college? Remind them what they have to be proud of. Did they win last year’s football championship? Showcase that! Did your debate team make it to state level? Showcase that! Did your students make great progress at their science/robotics fair? Showcase that! Make use of your digital signage solutions to showcase the achievements of your students in the past few years and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

Motivation and Encouragement

Digital signage solutions are a great way to also remind your students what their institution stands for and create a great sense of belonging. Use your digital signage systems to broadcast your institution’s motto, its vision and mission statements and the difference it makes in the world. You can also add the achievements of your alumni in the sphere of sports, business, philanthropy and more, to give your students both motivation and encouragement to make their own mark on the world. 

Staff Celebration with Digital Signage Solutions

Institutions are not just made of students, but also teachers, administrative staff, counsellors, coaches, and more. Make them feel heard and seen in the institutional environment. Ask them for their favourite quotes or advice for the students and broadcast them throughout the institution on digital signage solutions. Wish them on their birthday or their work anniversary in a public setting that allows them to celebrate with others. Make them feel at home by creating a sense of community with them in the forefront.

If one of your classes in a particular grade is averaging a 3.5 GPA, it is something that your whole institution deserves to know. On one hand, it can foster a sense of achievement and on the other hand, it can create a sense of competition. Either way, it is in the interest of the student body to be kept abreast of statistics and trends that they are a part of and that directly affect them. Digital Signage Solutions are a great way of doing so. 

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