How Much Does Digital Signage Cost


Digital Signage is slowly becoming ubiquitous. This is because in today’s digital age, digital signage plays a huge role in attracting, engaging and selling to customers. If you are considering using digital signage for your business, undoubtedly, the first question in your mind is ‘how much does digital signage cost?’ The answer to that question depends upon two things- your needs and your choices. 

Digital Signage costs will depend upon the type of Digital Signage you choose. 

  1. If you are a big company with large premises and your policy requires you to manage all your digital assets in-house, you are going to need a huge infrastructure with your own servers and setup. This drives up the digital signage cost since not only the upfront expenses are high, but the ongoing costs of maintenance are also quite steep. We do not see this type of setup very often anymore. 
  2. If you prefer not to use the internet for your digital signage, you will need to connect your signages to media players. If you have multiple signages, they will need to be connected with the help of HDMI cables. This kind of setup will impact your initial digital signage cost. 
  3. The most efficient way to get started with digital signage is using cloud-based solutions. The media player as well as the Content Management System is online and once it is connected to the hardware, you can manage your display from any place where you are connected to the net. This is not restricted to just one display- you can manage multiple displays from just one account. Your digital signage cost is kept under control since all you have to pay is a low monthly subscription fee with no upfront expenses. 

Additional Costs

The other most important digital signage cost that you are going to have to take into account is the actual physical display. Depending on your need, the location of the sign, the purpose of the signage, etc. you will need to choose from a small TV monitor to a large commercial display. This is an unavoidable one-time cost and we recommend that you invest in a good quality product to ensure that it lasts for a long time and becomes cost-effective. 

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