Why Cloud-Based Digital Signage is the Best Option

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If you are thinking of utilising digital signage to promote your business and are considering your options, here are some very good reasons why you should choose cloud-based digital signage. 

  1. Easy Setup: This form of digital signage is extremely easy to set up. Even someone with limited technical know-how can set it up in a matter of minutes. This form of digital signage eliminates the need for servers, which reduces the need for time, effort and technical knowledge.
  2. Lower Upfront Costs: As mentioned above, cloud-based digital signage eliminates the need for servers. This means that you don’t need to invest in expensive server hardware and software. All you need is a computer that is connected to the internet and smart displays and you are ready to get started. 
  3. Less Maintenance: Eliminating the need for a server not only affects your upfront costs, but also your ongoing cost and effort in terms of maintenance. A cloud-based digital signage system helps control your costs as well as efforts on an ongoing basis. 
  4. Automatic Software + Feature Updates: It is in your best interest to ensure that you are always up to date with your software versions and updates. In the old-school version of digital signages, you would have to pay someone to manually update your software and install features. With cloud-based digital signage systems, these updates happen automatically and are typically free of cost. 
  5. Easily Scalable: Without the need for on-premise IT infrastructure, scaling this form of digital signage system in terms of storage is remarkably easy. That is because you can easily acquire as much storage space as you need on the cloud to meet your requirements. 
  6. Remote Control: If you want to ensure that your content is always fresh, relevant and engaging, you will surely appreciate the remote control access and flexibility that cloud-based digital signage offers. You can manage your content from anywhere at any time – all you need is a computer with a net connection. 

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