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If you are thinking of using digital signage to attract customers, promote your business and increase your sales, you need to spare some thought to the content you are going to be displaying on your digital screen. 

Of course, you will display your promotional content- special offers, sales and discounts, new product arrivals, new introductory services, etc. but you can’t show this content all the time. If there is nothing to grab their attention, customers will simply tune off the screen and you will not get any benefit from it. To be effective, you need a lot of content that is eye-catching and helps in drawing the customer in. Once you have the customer’s full attention, you can slip in your promotional content periodically.

Now, most digital signage SaaS providers will have a database of free templates for various occasions for different industries. You will be able to easily create your promotional content using these free templates or upload your original content. But what can you do to find attention-grabbing content that will bring your customers to your digital signage screens? 

The best solution for that is YouTube. YouTube offers a great opportunity to find well-produced content that is both eye-catching as well as relevant to your business. For example, if you own a cafe, you can showcase YouTube videos that take you into a coffee plantation. If you own an aquarium store, you can show scuba diving videos that take the viewer into deep oceans. If you are a gym, you can showcase bodybuilding contests from around the world to attract the attention of your patrons. 

Now that you have found the source of your content, you need to consider how best to display it. If you are using a cloud-based app to manage your digital signage content, you will always have the choice of opening the YouTube app or website within the app of your service provider, choose the channel of your choice, and start playing videos. While this seems to be the simplest option, there are a couple major limitations to it. 

  1. You will not be able to schedule the YouTube videos along with your promotional content, and this is critical for your business. 
  2. The dimensions of your YouTube display will depend upon your internet speed. If you do not have high internet speeds, not only will the display be of lower resolution, there are chances that it will altogether be disrupted. 

Liqvid allows you to bypass both these major issues. On one hand, it allows you to schedule YouTube content on its easy-to-use content management system. Secondly, you needn’t have very high internet quality to showcase YouTube content on your digital signage screens. Liqvid will even work with low internet quality without compromising on the quality of the output on your screens. Only if the internet connection is altogether disrupted will it show a notification to that effect. 

What’s more… Liqvid is offering Forever Free Subscription plans with all the bells and whistles of paid premium plans. Take a look and sign up for a free trial now! 

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