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Looking for Free Digital Signage Templates?

Digital signages are being used by all kinds of businesses, organisations and institutions. From aisles in the grocery stores to pulpits in churches, from menu boards in coffee shops to bulletin boards in schools and colleges, from wayfinding signs in hospitals to the latest promotions in shopping malls- digital signages are everywhere. Undoubtedly, you have noticed that they display eye-catching, pleasing, highly attractive content. Have you ever wondered where this content comes from? Do you suppose that all these businesses, organisations and institutions have a team of highly skilled graphic designers who come up with such fantastic displays? No- in most cases they use free digital signage templates. 

What are these Free Digital Signage Templates?

Free Digital signage templates are pre-formatted designs that can be easily customised by businesses for their use. Just like you buy greeting cards for various occasions and add your customisations to them, you can get pre-designed templates for digital signages for almost every instance in different industries. So, you can easily find many different designs of the ‘Sale’ or ‘New Arrivals’ sign for retail, or different types of menu board designs for coffee shops and so on. Then, you can add your custom message to them, if necessary. And just like that, your signage is ready for display!

Where can you find Free Digital Signage Templates?

Many companies that offer digital signage solutions offer free template packs as part of their offerings. Of course, it is also possible to buy these template bundles from design companies for a small price which is much cheaper than hiring graphic designers. 

What is Liqvid Offering?

Liqvid is a company that offers cloud-based digital signage solutions to businesses around the world. Their solution comes with a free digital signage template pack that has thousands of templates for many different occasions across various industries. 

But, why stop at just getting free digital signage templates when you can get the whole solution for free? Yes, you got that right! Liqvid is offering lifetime-free digital signage solutions with no hidden catch or any strings attached. All you have to do is sign up for your Free plan and get yourself a fully functional, plug-n-play digital signage solution that will forever be free for you. What’s more, it comes with a free 20MB storage space so you can store your posters and videos for repeat use without having to delete any of your content. So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up here for your free account and get started with digital signage today! 

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