Benefits of Digital Signage for your Business

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Just like old-school marketing and newspaper/magazine advertising has given way to social media marketing and digital advertising, in-store signage has gone from paper to digital. If you are wondering whether digital signage is right for your business, here are some important aspects for you to consider. 

  1. Effective Customer Engagement: It is common knowledge that a movement is more likely to catch the eye than a static image. The ever-changing display of the digital signage is going to grab the attention of your customers from the get go. From that moment on, it becomes a tool of great customer engagement. Announce your deals, promote your loyalty program, highlight your new product ranges- you can choose to put your digital signage to use to effectively communicate and engage with your customers in any way you like. 
  2. Versatile Content Management: Content Management on digital signage is remarkably easy, especially if you are using a cloud-based digital signage solution. Anybody can learn how to do it easily without any technical expertise required. Tons of templates are provided that you can easily customise or use your brand’s original content. You can switch from showing a video ad to showcasing your brand’s social media feed to a 3D graphic announcing a 20% sale effortlessly and seamlessly. You can keep rotating your content feed to keep it fresh and engaging for your customers. 
  3. Speedy Deployment: Let’s say you realise that you have too much stock of one item and would like to announce an impromptu sale of said item. In the old-fashioned way, you would have to print posters and put them up across your store. Now with digital signage, you can get your sale announcement up and running in a matter of moments. Just choose a template, add your specifics to it and viola! Your sale announcement is already on display! 
  4. Multi-location Sign Management: Let’s say you own more than one store and you would like to announce your end-of-season sale across all locations. You can manage this without having to worry about posters, vinyl banners, leaflets, etc. for each and every location, simply by using a cloud-based digital signage solution. It will allow you to manage the digital displays of all your stores from one account. This means that once your sign is ready, you can deploy them across all locations at the click of a button. 
  5. Highly Affordable: A cloud-based digital signage solution is very cost-effective to set up and maintain since there is no need for an on-premise IT infrastructure like servers. Additionally, all software and features updates happen automatically and free of cost. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and smart displays, which can be easily and cheaply installed. After that, all you pay is the monthly subscription for which you get a host of additional features. 

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